High-volume Product Photography & Image Production Management System.

Lets you scale up production and free up time for more creative work, it also provides stakeholder visibility.

Product visualisation workflow

Anywhere, Anytime Management

PagonoFlow’s production plattform you may set up complex product photography and image production workflows and manage them anywhere, 24/7. With PagonoFlow you can:

  • Manage all productions through workorders makes the workload tangible
  • Upload and manage product lists
  • Create product and image attributes like product groups and categories
  • Create and assign views to products and categories

Sample management

Make sure you know where your samples are, at any given moment

PagonoFlow’s Sample management view allows you to define all the neccessary data related to the sample. Examples of data you may define are:

  • Sample identity
  • Sample reference image
  • Color palett and color coding
  • Sample Location

Digital style guides

Make sure that production team knows what to do

PagonoFlow’s will help you define all the views and types of images required. It makes it easy to collaborate around the photography process. PagonoFlow style guide helps you:

  • Add reference images
  • Define style guide names
  • Set a naming convention form images
  • Define what formats should be produced

Quality control and Approval online

Make sure that the right people in your organisation are involved

PagonoFlow’s Approval and Quality Control components areavailable for the studio to engage the right people in the workflow, e.g. let the product owner approve the production befor publication. PagonoFlow´s Quality Control and Approval provides:

  • OnLine access to images
  • Option to comment images
  • Reject or approval functions
  • Sorting based on products

Supports off-site postproduction

Make use of cost efficient post production of-shore

PagonoFlow provides the option to send products for external post production. Selected images may bu bundled and sent off-shore along with work-order instructions

  • Select images in an work-order that are destined for external post-production
  • Send work-order with instructions to external partner
  • Validate the result through an online process
  • Compare pre- and post-production

Become an early bird and get top priority!

Producing thousands and thousands of images every year requires us to rethink studio work,  product photography is moving from a traditional craftsmanship to a high tech industry. Modern photo machines will help you streamline the process of capturing images.

Pagono Flow provides the tools necessary to manage the process, from handling samples to deliver images and visuals with quality, relevance and the right information. Pagono Flow is the link between studio operation and your legacy systems

 Join Pagono Flow and be part of the future!