Reinvent the art och content creation

With Pagono Flow it has never been easier to manage studio work. Lets your creative people excel in creativity

Focus on creativity

Creative people hates administration

Let creativity be the driving force in your product photography work. PagonoFlow allows your creative people to focus on creativity by eliminating boring administrative tasks.

Get you images published faster

Don't spend time administration

Make product photography without the burdon of boring administration. PagonoFlow provide all the funktionality  that allows you to produce and publish all your images faster. 

Increase productivity

More images ready with less resources

No need to hire extra resources to scale your product photography. PagonFlow makes production faster with less resources. It increases overall productivity throughout your photo production process

imrprove quality

Reduce nr of manual errors that comes with high volume production

Manual repetitive work is the greatest risk in any business. In creative work, this risk is even greater as creative people hate boring tasks such as naming images and more. It also takes time that could well be spent on more creative work PagonoFlow helps you improve quality by managing and automating tedious and boring work.

Onboarding is easy

No heavy integration work is needed to get started

It shouldn’t take a huge implementation project to gain benefits. PagonoFlow sits in the cloud and can be set up for any customer with little or no effort. If, however, integration is requested, we have open API’s that make connection to your eco-system fast and easy.

Prepared for Styleshoots studios

Handles both traditional studios and styleshoots studios

Many companies have invested in photo machines such as Styleshoots. This may provide efficiency in the photo studio. Combined with PagonoFlow you get a whole production workflow that holds the process together, end-to-end. 

PagonoFlow is propared for, and works seemless with all the machines from Styleshoots. Read more about Styleshoots here

Works with your existing platforms

Invest in technology and services that works with existing environment

Most companies already have an environment with existing functionality for other processes. PagonoFlow is built with this in mind and can easily fit into your current and future e-commerce workflows.

PagonoFlow is prepared to work with the most common DAM systems, it can easily be hooked up to your PIM and/or PLM systems. E.g. easily order product photography from your PIM or PLM system and deliver the ready result to your DAM system. 

Become an early bird and get top priority!

Producing thousands and thousands of images every year requires us to rethink studio work,  product photography is moving from a traditional craftsmanship to a high tech industry. Modern photo machines will help you streamline the process of capturing images.

Pagono Flow provides the tools necessary to manage the process, from handling samples to deliver images and visuals with quality, relevance and the right information. Pagono Flow is the link between studio operation and your legacy systems

 Join Pagono Flow and be part of the future!